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The Melbourne Map

The brainchild of Founder/Producer Melinda Clarke, The Melbourne Map is a completely hand illustrated view of

Melbourne and its surrounding landmarks.

Over 2 years, Chief illustrator Lewis Brownlie

initially used pencil to draft in all the streets and buildings followed by the lengthy process

of inking the final illustration. 

Deborah Young (character illustrator and original artist of the first Melbourne Map) added further character to the drawing to include people, boats, cars, animals etc.

My involvement has been to colour

the final black and white illustration

using Adobe Photoshop.

The process of colouring took over 4 months

to complete. This entailed using satellite 3D maps to reference building colours and designs. Digital colouring allowed the process to be completed in multiple layers, which allowed greater control in print pre production to attain the best print result.

Colouring was completed in May 2019.

The map was recently selected for inclusion in the prestigious USA annual "Atlas of Design'

2020 volume.

To purchase this amazing map, jigsaws or other collectables, simply visit

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