1. Salvador Dali

2. Pablo Picasso

3. Keith Haring

4. Lucien Freud

5. Paul Gauguin

6. Henri Matisse

7. Pierre Auguste Renoir

8. Claude Monet

9. Frida Kahlo

10. Tolouse Letrec

11. David Hockney

12. Jackson Pollock


The Artists Series

All sketches are for sale. RED indicates SOLD.

Each sketch comes mounted in a glassed wooden frame.

Frame size is 600mm x 450mm

As these make a great gift, commissioned sketches in this style

are accepted. Simply use contact page and supply a quality A4

visual reference of the subject/person/child to be illustrated. 

To purchase or enquire about any of the artwork please use contact page.

All sketches are $400.00 including framing. Postage is quoted as extra.


New illustrations coming soon

1. Mark Rothko

2. Franz Kline

3. Amadeus Modigliani

4. Arthur Boyd

5. Lee Krasner

6. Willem de Kooning

7. Paul Klee

8. Andy Warhol

9. Francis Bacon

10. Edgar Degas

11. Paul Cezånne